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WordNests is a daily puzzle game where the player receives a 5x5 board and 14 tiles, and creates as many connecting words as possible for happy birds to lay their nests. Inspired by Wordle and Scrabble, I wanted to make an experience where players could take a few minutes a day to challenge their linguistic skills, be creative, and share how they did with their friends.

I intended this game to be relaxing and in order to accomplish this, I made it so that there isn’t a fail state and the game reacts positively regardless of the player’s performance. This allows the players to set the goal to be how they consider to be a satisfying round: this could mean they only use the tiles they want to make interesting words, see if they can use all of the tiles, make at least 7 nests, or take on the nearly impossible 14 nest challenge.

To ensure the experience was smooth, a validation system was implemented that activates every time the player changes the board. This goes through the board to see if all of the tiles were used, there are any spelling errors to inform the player, there are any banned words to remove, and how many nests the player has currently.




Unity Engine

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