Game & Level Designer

ARVision Games

During my time with ARVision Games as a Game and Level Designer, I worked on their app ARiddle: an AR Escape Room experience. I would bring up design solutions to different problems along with how these solutions would look at different stages (such as how would it look for the minimum viable product, what are some variants for A|B testing, what a final version of the solution could look like). I also collaborated with the Senior Game Designer on how we could design monetization out of the mechanics.

Mechanics were designed in a way so that one script could be re-used to make a variety of alternatives for it. For example: a lock requiring a sequence uses one script and it has changeable attributes including, but not limited to, how long of a sequence it is, is the sequence randomized, when is the sequence checked if it’s correct, and what happens if it’s correct / incorrect. This allows us to create a variety of different sequence locks without needing to create a new script.

Game Involvement

  • ARiddle (Unreleased)

Team Roles

Game Design

Designed puzzle mechanics for AR escape rooms

Designed mechanics for different stages (including MVP and A|B Testing)

Designed and developed mechanics in a generalized, re-usable way

Collaborated with Senior to design monetization strategies

Level Design

Designed levels to teach mechanics

Reviewed previously made levels and added updates

Added moments into the level requested by director

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