Game Designer, Lead Programmer, Sound Designer, and Narrative Designer

Disco is Dead! is the award-winning game about two cops fighting off an army of zombies using slaps. The selling point of the game is with its own custom controllers where the players slap zombie heads. The game has been showcased at various places including GDC Alt.Ctrl Showcase 2018, LevelUp Showcase 2017, Different Games 2017, and CNE’s Gaming Garage.

Throughout the process of the game, I’ve been communicating with the team to analyze the different directions the game could take and find the best solution. Some of the ways I’ve been communicating are through setting up creative sessions, making prototypes, and taking notes on how similar games handled their gameplay.

One of my major contributions is through the enemy behaviours. A large number of enemies were conceptualized in a way that they were easy to understand and would change the flow of the game. Afterwards, they were prototyped and received playtesting to determine which enemies were successful, which ones just needed a tweak, and which ones were to be scraped.

I have also built a custom made Cutscene Editor so that any team member, regardless of coding ability, can work on a cutscene with ease. This editor has been altered over time to match the needs of the Lead Artist and Lead Narrative Designer.


Alt-Controller Arcade


Unity Engine


Level Up Student Showcase 2017

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