Game designer

Wizards Of The Coast & Find Your Fun Studio

While at Wizards of the Coast / Find Your Fun Studios, I’ve worked on two unreleased games: one is Learn with Peppa and the other hasn’t been announced. Both games were made for a preschool audience with Learn with Peppa being an educational experience. Mechanics were designed to be easy to perform and understandable for those with no prior gaming experience. Different preschool player types were considered for different ways to play. The rules of the games were designed and adjusted to work within the guidelines of the brands to ensure the gameplay felt unique to that brand.

Games were documented through wiki pages and included details such as flow, inputs, features, and mechanics. The designs were discussed with a cross-functional team and, based on feedback, were updated to reflect feasibility, fine tuned details, and new discoveries made during development.

Game Involvement

  • Learn With Peppa Pig (Unreleased)
  • Unannounced game for preschoolers

Team Roles

Game Design

Designed games for preschoolers

Designed games around recognizable brands

Created and maintained documents

User tested

Accessibility Committee

Analyzed and critiqued games internally to improve accessibility for various demographics

Social Committee

Hosted and organized weekly icebreakers, game nights, holiday parties

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